Friday, 11 December 2009

Do you guys know what "boring" really means? well, you'll soon find out if you are in the same conditions like me. Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful!!
Actually it's not really like that,of course there are so many peoples come and go, but when there's nothing you can do alone, at a cafe, music is only thing that could entertain you..better than not i guess.

I wish i could say,"Goodbye,i'm leaving because i'm bored." LOL
But it's already 6 p.m hellooooooo ... !!! and my driver can't pick me up at the time like this, because he must to help my dad working. He must to pick my dad home, and after that he will pick me up (T_T). Even if i go home, i'll feel bored thinking about coursework, revising for exams, or the pain of a hang-over from a night out..
After having a banana croissant and a glass of ice lemon tea, nowi ordered a plate of hot melted chocolate cake and a bottle of Equil mineral water..(damn) that's not cheap. LOL they don't have Aqua here.But well, it's cool. i've spent about Rp 80.000,00 here. Now i'm just thinking what am i suppose to do after i eat all of it. I've been thinking to see some stuff in Forever 21?? hmmmm... nice idea Teena.. HAHAHAHA (stress gurl laughing)

Actually this post is really unusefull. X-P
okay, i was trying to play "the house" game. and i always skipped the ghost. Never could see the ghost..everytime they went out to the screen, i'm eating or checking my cell phone. LOL lucky me. Because whatever it is, i'm still feels afraid to look at the screen. But i'm not a chicken, i mean i'm afraid for getting that kinda surprise. LoL
This is already the 10th bites of the cake..why do i feel like this small cake is soooo damn big??

What Do You Wanna Want to be In The Future ?

For some boys maybe this video is doesn't mean anything ..
So does with some of girls ..
Well, i will not explain anything about Twilight, New Moon, or everything, but i found this video, and it open my eyes, how wonderful this life is, specially if u meet with your true love.

I even won't to talk about love .. actually i hate love, i'm feelin lazy to fall in love with someone. :p
I'm here now alone, at OhLaLa Cafe Grand Indonesia, writing this blog, thinking to share this one.
I'm an urban girl who loves arts, hard working, open minded, socializing and kinda a very modern lifestyle i have..and it makes my life feels comfortable to live alone forever. to be single forever is cool for me. Live in an apartmen in a big city, work as a carreer woman with a good position and salary, have my own freedom of my life.
(I've been thinking to have that kinda life in a future)
But when i watched this video, it's very touchy. I haven't say that i want to have a family yet.But it open my eyes for sure. It's very possible for the sounds of it's video was working inside me..because i like instrument or classic loads.

Actually for me,love is something true,understanding,and patience.
It comes when you meet your best one!
someone that will one day be your soulmate,someone that you will share everything with.You'll go through trial and error to find something that'll last.
Not for a day,not for a month,not for a year,but for a lifetime.But even if
someone you're with promises you wealth and fancy things,that's not what it's all about.It is about romance.Being able to tell the one you love about your day.
And how much you care,especially about them.
It is something true.It only comes once,and when it'll know.
You'll really know,because it will be the day that you meet the love of your life.

So, after you read this, and watch the video, think twice to live as a single forever.. :)
(i won't telling you what's on my mind)
---Lough Out Loud---

Saturday, 28 November 2009

They Only See The Outside Of Me

My heart is empty .. My sadness grew .. I silently wept Lost and alone. I just can’t bare Or even more crying. I can’t handle much Of anyone’s changing. I need someone here to do what everybody never would ... Paint a permanent smile, the way everybody never could. I try everyday to be strong, then I wonder if this has all been worth while. How many times must I whisper these words "how much longer must i ache for all of this?" If life was a dream, no tear would fall from eyes .. If life was a dream, i’d never feel alone .. If life was a dream, no plans would be betrayed .. so i don't need to be afraid. But now i'm standing all alone in the dark, heart throbbing to the pain. I know this time i won't be fine .. i don't know what am i suppose to say, but it doesn't matter .. So Im just going to go on and act like Im okay.

The tears that i hides

my heart giving up to let me die.

Can anyone take away these lies?

i really did try, but my tears keep running.

Unhappiness is now a fact, don't know how to carry on

Freedoms gone away
Because things as I liked them have changed

Everything just keeps falling in and out of me. So many holes within.. Inner confusion storms my head .. If only I could explain, so it could be understood. Just this once .. help me learn to live again .. I walk through this world, holding my head down, I’d like to be happy again. I’d like to go back before the clouds came, before the rain started falling. I did nothing wrong, and so here I am. Thinking, pondering what happened .. I lay perplexed, unaware of what went wrong, but on moments like these all i can do is wish .. that is how my breath ended, trapped within a space between Heaven and Hell, with my silently screaming verses.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

03.12 AM
26 November 2009

i skipped yesterday classes because of my fever..ouch..and suddenly i've been thinking about my best lecture ever .. when the last time he asked me "do u wanna be my friends?" i answered "yes of course i do..why not?" and he answered "really?" u guys think i've answered something wrong?

But now i know i must to thank him. He will back to his country soon :(

Thank you my teacher, for lending an ear

When I had things to say
You showered love on me lavishly
When no one seemed to care
You brought me joys untold
To fill my heart with moments of gold
I would have felt isolated and lonely
If you had not been there
I lack the words to let you know
How much you mean to me,
But I will profusely thank God for you
Until the Eternity.

And i hope u can trust me when i said "yes of course" coz u seems didn't believe me :(
Wish u all the best Mr...
Promise me u'll back someday here ...

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Making a Blog Isn't As Hard As Peoples Said.

Fiiuuuhhh ... Finally, i could write a blog. So, this is my first time making a blog here. My Lecture said this will become our next assignment, but i swear i have been thinking to create a blog on my own. Hahahaha ... well, whatever i have learned a lot from this life, how do we must to keep on walking for our future. I will share some of my stories after this about how hard a teenager must to stand up for what is right, actually the biggest problem is only about difference thinking between teenagers and their parents nowadays. I'm sure it will become so interesting as a topic because it happens to all teenagers in the world. I will not teach you guys how to brake some rules from your parents, but i just want to share, hope you could learn from my experiences and would love to hear any of your experiences also. Life is about living, how you create your own life and how you get everything what you want to. Stand up for what's right ! :D