Saturday, 29 May 2010

Testimonials From Girls about "Pencinta Wanita"

I found this on youtube.. LOL it's already a long time ago ..
God dammit, i looked messy ..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

When We Swing ...

Touch; if only you wouldn’t.
Touch; I wish you couldn’t.
Touch; your finger ends up stuck to my lip.
Touch; it ends too fast. What a jip.
Lovey dovey,
Keep those pointers where they are.
Dangling from the moon,
reaching for a star.

Touch; keep your words away.
Touch; hold your hands at bay.
Touch; lock my caution away with the silver.
Touch; such a pain to catch, too long to deliver.
Honey bunny,
put the top up for me.
We’ve seen it all,
don’t you want to preserve the “we”?

the curves of a real woman
like the curves of a goddess,
perfection and venus
she is,
passion she is,
romance she is,
love, fantasy, lust?

appreciating the curves
of a real woman,
will take you thru the night,
responsive to your touch,
delectable to your tongue,
swift and magical.

like a whirling carpet ride
over golden sands,
again and again
like some secret sacred dance,
sending you both
into infinite orgasmic bliss.

and the night
and the beat will go on,
hearts beat in tune together,
and the night
and the beat… goes on

Gazing into the eyes,
I’ve come to realize,
Am not that girl I used to be,
I am now a woman,
Trully loved and cared for,

That young foolish girl,
Has dissapeared,
She’s grown a little,
Ever since that guy,
That one who used to lie,

Hope there's
A decent person,
A person who touches,
Who feels,
Who is apart of me,

Who loves me for who I am,
doesn’t fantasize,
I can see it in thee eyes,

I am no longer,
No longer that girl,
I am now a woman,
A woman who is loved


What comes to me is nothing called new,
but I never new it in such unfathomable degree…
I have been touched and so deeply affected,
in the complexity of love’s simplicity.

To glimpse love hiding in shadowy eyes,
whispering emotions too big for words…
To know love without needing words spoken,
leaves me breathless in the middle of my world.

Like Gods

Have we become like our gods
like statues in the sun we are.
With mouths, they speak not,
with ears, they hear not,
with hands, they handle not,
with eyes they see not.
Repent ye, therefore, and turn unto ME, for I AM THE TRUE GOD.
with eyes I see,
with mouth I speak,
with ears I hear,
with hands I touch.

Devil's Touch ...

I have been touched by the hand of the Devil
He tries to take my innocense
He comes to me when I am weak and vulnerable
He speaks to me in riddles
He tries to make me believe in him
I do, for he is right in front of me
He tries to control me
He can because I am afraid
He robs me of my childhood
He thinks that he owns me
In time, I look him in the face
Although I am scared, I stand tall
I cannot be blamed for his actions
I am a good man
The things he has done have scarred me
Yet he may touch me no longer.

She came from a place called Hurt
She held her head high as her trampled heart dragged behind her
Madness was her daily diet and the pain was unrelenting
One day at a time, this was the only she could see a way to survive
She wore heart on her sleeve…. emotion, irrational and extreme – life
She fell into a war zone – she was fighting hard for…
Something around her, and within her, the pain did not fade – she persisted
Faith gone
Her love of humanity, kindness, honesty, real people – GONE
...Or so she believed
Destruction was on the menu – room service never shut down
She fed on risk, disrespect and rejected a world that had never understood
Smash another bottle, drink, snort, laugh, dance, allow no one to see her, know her, feel with her
Then one true heart, a beautiful person – saw her and felt her pain.
The madness, the recklessness, the walls of past held no weight against another true heart – saw her eyes and knew – they would save each other.

Looked in her eyes, she was the most beautiful, lost, and strong girl. She saw a hope, a reason to move, to laugh, and to not look at the heart she dragged behind her.
Like a fairy tale, they were drawn to together, two hurting souls – two people that both shared their unconditional love without fear, blind hearts that were too big, strengths and fears too strong.
She was born with the gift of sight – she does not judge one person from another…her love is pure and she only sees the inner beauty and soul. There is no hiding from her…. her love overrides all.
Daily life as a child…. she was a dreamer… she forever wished her words, her actions, her oddities…oh, to be the same as others.
Then came the music. No words, no questions and no fear – just the pure expression of one soul to another.
So now she dances. In every act and every word… to her beat.
She has found a friend that walks each step, like her, on the clouds one minute – face down in mud the next.
We have been through so much together – I would not be who I am without out the death and the now unshakable resurrection of my beliefs – due to you and your faith in me.

We are born as we are and the self- acceptance and self-love we are earning,
It is life, it is living, It is real and beautiful.

The pain, confusion and fear is forever bonded to the extreme love, faith and instinct in our hearts, uncontrolled and untamed.

We are true to all and yet most will never see even a glimmer of the magic that forever twinkles in our eyes.


Body of a goddess
Face of beauty
Mind of a genius
Heart of a child
Soul of an elder
Eyes that truly see
Lips to kiss
Sweet smile
Arms that caress
Hands to hold
Hips of desire
Breast..milk of life
Soft as the petal of a rose
Tender touch
Always there

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Love is ...

My definition of love...
is different from the book
my definition of love
is more than just a look

love is more than a word
more than a song, more than a note
love is more than a poem
more than anything i've wrote

love is reaching out to touch someone
to be sure that they're there
love is leaning in to kiss someone
to remind them that you care

love is looking her in the eyes
and whispering in her ears
love is cuddling when she cries
and catching all her tears

love is the warmth shared between hugs
when everything else is cold
love is knowing they'll still be there
when everything else is old

love is hearts beating faster and faster
while everything else is slowed down
love is singing sweet songs to her
even if hundreds are around

love is driving through the rain
to help someone through tough times
love is me wishing that you'll love me too
wishing you'd be mine

love isn't just holding hands
love is holding hearts
love isn't where it ends....
love is where it starts...


You ask me if there's someone else
I replied yes, hell yeah
You asked me if it's another man, I say no
You laughed and say is it a woman, I say yes
Surprisingly you asked me for honey's name

Her name is me,
she loves me more than you'll ever know.
And I finally see that loving you and loving me
Just don't seem to work at all
So patiently, she's waiting on me to tell you
That she needs love
And to choose between you two, boy you know
If I have to choose, I choose me...

she told me to tell you to never hurt me again
Cuz if you haven't heard she's a bad chick
Even though I haven't been..

I'm leavin don't try and stop me..
I'm late and she is waiting..

she's actually formin' a threesome
And I'm happy that I can join them, and
Their names are me, myself and I :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hope Your Happy ...

I hope your happy with your life
I hope you see what you have done
I hope you see that this is all wrong

I hope you realise that your not perfect
I hope you see that money's not worth it
I hope you see that my smile was rehearsed

I hope you see that your tearing me apart
I hope you someday grow a heart
I hope someday I will want to see you
I hope someday I wont have to see you

I hope you suffer, but I dont want that
I hope you die, but I dont mean that
I hope someday your 'love' will be real
I hope someday you will 'feel'

I hope you realise that money cant heal
I hope someday you'll feel, what I feel
I hope that before you die
I hope to tell you, I wont cry

I hoped you wouldnt make me mad
But all my hopes from before are gone
just like the love you had for their mom

I hope that I see you one last time
I hope I get to tell you this:
'I wish I never knew you
because of you....I wish I didnt exist....'