Saturday, 24 October 2009

Making a Blog Isn't As Hard As Peoples Said.

Fiiuuuhhh ... Finally, i could write a blog. So, this is my first time making a blog here. My Lecture said this will become our next assignment, but i swear i have been thinking to create a blog on my own. Hahahaha ... well, whatever i have learned a lot from this life, how do we must to keep on walking for our future. I will share some of my stories after this about how hard a teenager must to stand up for what is right, actually the biggest problem is only about difference thinking between teenagers and their parents nowadays. I'm sure it will become so interesting as a topic because it happens to all teenagers in the world. I will not teach you guys how to brake some rules from your parents, but i just want to share, hope you could learn from my experiences and would love to hear any of your experiences also. Life is about living, how you create your own life and how you get everything what you want to. Stand up for what's right ! :D