Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I don't think I'm particularly beautiful at all..
I am scared of becoming a mother..

Sometimes I’d be silent and I might bore you.

I may not laugh at your jokes, and you may not understand the spell that’s enshrouding me.

Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me.

I wouldn’t be good company then, and I couldn’t make you smile.

Sometimes I’d get moody and I might not enjoy the things you’d like us to do together.

Sometimes I’d lose my temper and I’d no longer act like the fine person who stands before you today.

Sometimes I’d get jealous and I might say things I don’t really mean.

Sometimes I’d talk too much that I might drive you away.

Sometimes I’d get touchy and I’d get easily hurt.

And no matter how mature I try to be, at times I’d act in childish ways.

I’d demand things I shouldn’t, I’d say things I shouldn’t say.

And no matter how much I desire to protect you and make you happy, sometimes I’d be the one who’d cause you the most pain.


But if you will love me,
I will bare my whole self naked before you,
and I will reveal to you my soul.

If you will love me,
you can be certain that it is I that you will love,
not a mask that fools you and gives you only what your eyes desire to see.

If you will love me,
you can be certain that you will love the depths of me, all of me that is in me, and I in turn will love you with all of me, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my spirit, with all my flaws and beauty, and with all my very heart.


  1. i would never knew before that's so much going on inside such beauty frames...
    just love your blogs...
    makes me understand so much more about women.
    thanks, i'll wait your next post

    i'm not a fan just browse around, dont worry


  2. Thank you very much .. i appreciate any comments from everyone ..